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Plant of the "Month"
Apache Plume:

A drought tolerant, deciduous shrub. It ranges from 2-6 ft. tall with green foliage(silver beneath) with white flowers and pink puffs of fruit heads. Fruit clusters with feathery, pinkish tails resemble Apache headdress. Part shade is best but thrives in poor soil, high heat and low water conditions. A great plant for West Texas.
"How To:" Plant a Tree
1. Dig a hole. The same depth as root ball and 1 1/2 the diameter.
2. Mix compost with dirt out of the hole. Ratio of 1:1 (equal parts)
3. Remove tree from container and place in hole, level with ground.
4. Add dirt/compost mixture to the hole. Do not compact!
5. Water backfill with hose allowing dirt to settle. Add soil till level.
6. Build berm around tree to retain water.
7. Apply root stimulator for two months at two week intervals.
8. Staking trees, 4" of mulch and applying systemic insecticide.
9. Water intervals: winter;1x/week summer; 2x/week. Deep soaking.
10. Be observant of tree condition weekly. Watch for wilting, scorched leaves and sap on trunk. Contact us for follow up.
-Weekly Radio Program: Every Saturday 11:55AM on KCRS 550 AM Talk Radio
Controls home invading insects, lawn insects and insects on ornamentals. Insects controlled include ticks, fleas, borers, spiders, ants and cockroaches and many more listed on the label.